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company with a 100% 360° service

100% 360

Colorido Fulfillment will be your business partner who takes care of storing your merchandise, preparing your orders, and organizing the delivery of your products in Chile and worldwide.

We have preferential rate agreements with national and international couriers, enabling your business to expand across borders.

Our accessible, dynamic, and proactive team will manage your inventory and dispatch your orders with an optimal presentation, making your company stand out for its fast and efficient delivery service.

You only need to focus on selling; we’ll take care of the rest.

The best in fulfillment services


When you deliver your merchandise to us, we review it and reconcile the quantities delivered vs. the quantities received. This information will be entered into our WMS (Warehouse Management Software), where you will have online access to detailed records of all incoming and outgoing goods.

Your merchandise will be stored in our warehouse, which is specially conditioned to store products in optimal conditions. Merchandise is stored in a dust-free environment, organized in sturdy shelves, under high standards of hygiene and at an ideal room temperature, ensuring that your products do not get damp or damaged.

You choose the logistics company to use for shipment: Chilexpress, Bluexpress, Correos de Chile, DHL, etc. We will organize the pick-up of your packages at our premises.
Within the Metropolitan Region, we have our own delivery service for small packages, which allows us to offer a 100% guaranteed and insured service under any event.
Once we ship your orders, you will be able to check their status with their individual tracking numbers. Your customers will receive automated emails indicating the status of their shipment at various stages: “your shipment is on route,” “your shipment has been delivered,” etc. This will make your customers feel comfortable and secure about their purchase, avoiding unnecessary contacts and calls inquiring about the status of their orders.
We will provide you with a monthly report of the units received in our warehouse, orders prepared, shipments invoiced, and packaging material used. In this way, you will have a complete detail of your products movement month by month.