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Our Story

Colorido Logistics SpA was born out of the need to achieve the best logistics service for the ecommerce of Colorido.cl (Colorido Chile SpA).

Pamela Muñoz Lagos, founder of Grupo Colorido, has been living in Austria with her family since 2009. That is why in 2019, when she founded Colorido.cl, she faced the challenge of outsourcing her operation.

“For Colorido, I needed warehousing, order preparation and fulfillment. Back then, I found a company in Santiago that offered exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the experience was not good at all.” Pamela recounts

After this experience, Pamela took the initiative to develop a company that would have her original needs at its core, plus the ability to keep an online inventory. A company ready to provide the best fulfillment service for other companies with an eCom business model. Even though Pamela looked for other solutions that could provide this service, taking into account the essential aspects of the operation, she was not able to find anyone willing to work with the low sales volume she had at that time while also meeting her expectations.

One relevant aspect to consider is that in the eCommerce explosion in the Chilean domestic market the minimum monthly income can be low (within the pre-pandemic average volume.) However, quality and good allies are essential assets for these companies to scale and grow.

In 2020, Pamela decided to rent a small warehouse to which a friend of hers started shipping her products. A couple of months later, she met another person with the same needs as her, and they reached an agreement in which Pamela, as a company, would provide the fulfillment service. The volume of this first client helped Pamela qualify for regular pick-ups from Chilexpress and access to better shipping rates.

A few months later, a second client arrived through word of mouth, to whom she still provides fulfillment services. With the passing of time, Colorido Logistics has positioned itself in the market in very organically. Its culture of responsibility and the meticulous operation promoted by its founder and driven by her team has led the company to take small steps, always focused on helping its customers grow.

After 2 years of operation, Colorido Logistics has become a solid company. It accumulated extensive experience in the field while working with a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that enables it to manage the warehouse optimally. Furthermore, it has gained access to preferential rates with the best-known couriers and also performs last-mile deliveries in Santiago’s Metropolitan Area using its own transportation. Colorido Logistics’ priorities are high quality of work, a close relationship with its clients, responsibility, and efficiency in solving operational problems.

“Entering this world of logistics was a tremendous challenge. It has been an extremely enriching process, but also very hard to achieve if you want to do it right, because there are multiple and various factors that influence the whole process, from the time the order is received to the delivery of the package to the end customer.

With growth, you face personal, organizational and time and resource optimization issues, which are challenges that you don’t have when you only work with one person. However, every minute invested has been worth it.” Pamela Muñoz Lagos